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About SBAN College

S.B.A.N. College, Darheta Lari (SBANC) located at - Arwal Bihar. It was established in 1970. S. B. A. N. College, Darheta Lari is a Constituent College of Magadh University, Bodh Gaya.


Vision of the college is to make this Institution as a centre of excellence in the field of higher education. A fraternity of responsible citizens committed to a national development in various fields, scientific endeavour and service to humanity a society based on mutual respect is the basic vision of this Institution.


Mission of the institution is TO MAKE EVERY ONE LEARNED. With this motto this institution is engaged in promotiong and propagating higher education in this backward region, strategically situated in the vicinity of international borders.


The main objective of the institution is to provide education to rural and tribal youth to transform the students into well meaning citizens through the well designed curriculum aspect. The college has been facilitating the youth/learner with opportunities to shape their ethics and leadership potential to sensitize this rural and tribal youth about social concern and human right.


About The University

Magadh University enjoys the honour of being the largest university in Bihar with its 19 constituent and about 39 affiliated colleges, 1 Engineering college, 2 Law colleges and 2 Dental colleges spread over the districts of Gaya, Nawada, Jehanabad, Arwal and Aurangabad. This serene centre of learning nestles in the vast area of land in the vicinity of Bodh-Gaya, the holy seat of Lord Buddha's enlightenment. It beams with the natural beauty of trees and plants of fruits and flowers, parks and gardens studding the silver sheet of the land of the university campus. Nature stands here in sharp contrast with big buildings, the stadium, pitched as well as concrete roads, and bare pieces of land that are but essential to run the offices, to actuate academic activities in different post-graduate departments, to facilitate games and sports, to help smooth movement, to accord accommodation to the employees and guests and to lend a hand to desirable furtherance of infrastructures on the campus. Magadh University was established on March 1, 1962 as a consequence of the earnest wishes and efforts of the intellectuals and educationists of the Magadh region and also its foundation echoed the conversion of the long cherished dream of the people of Magadh into reality.